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Rules to be Adopted by Students During Examanition

  1. A candidate entering the examination hall must possess identity card issued by the Principal; else he/she will be denied admission to write the examination.
  2. Candidates have to occupy their allotted seats 10 minutes before the commencement of examination and maintain discipline and silence inside the examination hall. They have to give due attention to the instructions given by the Hall Superintendent before the commencement and also during the examination.
  3. No candidate will be permitted to enter examination hall after 30 minutes from the commencement of examination. Similarly, no candidate will be permitted to leave the hall before 45 minutes from the commencement of examination. A candidate who leaves the examination hall will not be permitted to re-enter the hall under any account.
  4. Candidates are expected to bring their own pens, pencils, eraser, geometrical instruments, calculators etc. and will not be allowed to borrow from others.
  5. Candidates should use only blue or black ink or ball pen while answering their papers. Only for drawing diagrams or chart colour pens/sketch pens are allowed.
  6. Mathematical table, Statistical table and other common hand books will be supplied to candidates on request and the same should be returned immediately after use, without any scribbling. However, the candidates will be allowed to use their own hand books / tables / charts which are uncommon and specifically required to answer a particular paper after obtaining permission from Chief/Hall Superintendent. Such hand books / tables / charts with any scribbling will not be permitted.
  7. Candidates are permitted to use only non-programmable calculators.
  8. Candidates are prohibited from possessing cell phone, pager and any such Communication instruments inside the examination hall and are also not allowed to carry any bits of paper containing textual material, printed or written.
  9. Candidates must verify and satisfy themselves that they have received correct question papers before they start answering for questions. Question paper not relevant should be returned to the hall superintendent at once.
  10. Candidates are not allowed to write beyond the time prescribed for the examinations.
  11. Rough work, if any, must be done by the candidates in the answer book itself. No separate answer book for rough work will be supplied to candidates. Rough work carried out of by a candidate will become part and parcel of the answer paper.
  12. Candidates are forbidden from asking questions or clarifications of any kind from the Hall Superintendent during the examination.
  13. Candidates should not detach any sheet from the main answer book or smuggle out additional sheet or main book. Violation of this rule will attract appropriate punishment.
  14. Candidates should handover the answer books personally to the Hall superintendent, before leaving the examination hall.
  15. Candidates should not write their Register number anywhere else (except in the specified space) on the first page of Answer Book. Writing the name or making any appeal to the examiner or writing the internal assessment marks or any other identifiable marking will be treated as an attempt to influence the examiner. Hence, any such act will attract disciplinary proceedings.
  16. The students who indulge in any malpractice while writing examination will be immediately referred to the Chief Superintendent for the initiation of appropriate disciplinary proceedings. If they are proved as guilty of malpractice, the Examination disciplinary committee has been empowered to impose punishment.
  17. Any letter or telegram or phone call to a candidate shall not in any case be delivered / informed to the candidate until he/she completes examination.
  18. Candidates who are not in a position to write the examination themselves due to temporary illness or blind candidates may be provided a scribe after getting the prior permission of the Principal or Controller of Examinations. A special fee prescribed for this purpose will be collected for each course.
  19. In case of impersonation, the accused will be handed over to police authorities for investigation and necessary action.